@speechdebelle Nando's delivery would be insane. The streets would be filled with their mopeds.

@speechdebelle My lappy is doing new strange things, causing me very real concerns but I'm always hopeful that was it meant for me is for me. FFS.

@speechdebelle Oh hey rocket and spinach. Chard stay never growing. I don't know why I try every year, when do I have ever eat chard?!

@speechdebelle @AKSonline I think giving respect is about respecting yourself though. It's one of those reflective attitudes.

@speechdebelle @AKSonline I meant it across the board. Loving, friendship, art. To give without expectation of outcome. How peaceful would that be?

@speechdebelle @DenaiMoore I agree and think you're brave for saying so. A lot of artist wouldn't. But you're the frikkin future young soldier 👊💙

@speechdebelle RT @DenaiMoore: complaining about the fact that you actually HAVE to pay for music just proves how greedy modern day music fans are..

@speechdebelle I need a hit of that green tea and pomegranate from Lola's Cupcakes. 💉

Mercury award winning debut album


New Review and Photos

Amazing new review for live for the message by Alt sounds can by found HERE

Interview on UKHH HERE

Also Speech Debelle's instagram photos can be viewed HERE

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december 13, 2012 04:46pm


Clash reviewed Speech's last London show at Dalston Land of Kings like this….

"Thankfully we arrive early because the space is soon maxed out. A crafty clamber onto a window ledge and we can actually see Ms Debelle who, frankly, kills it. She blends a dizzying range of styles into the live set, from a funk-inspired, bass-led ‘Live for the Message’ to the almost Rage Against the Machine guitar riffs on ‘Elephant in the Living Room’, which she dedicates to Tupac. Telling a devoted crowd, “There ain’t no amateurs on this stage right now, these are real fucking musicians,” she delivers a blinding performance and cements her position as the Queen of UK rap."

Tue 11 Dec 2012
Brighton : Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

Wed 12 Dec 2012
France : Paris-Fontenay Sous Bois : Festival des Adventuriers

Thu 13 Dec 2012
London : Jazz Cafe

Fri 14 Dec 2012
Bristol : Start The Bus

Sat 15 Dec 2012
Birmingham : Institute

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november 06, 2012 02:40pm

Bestival 2012

Speech Debelle will be performing at the now legendary Bestival Festival on The Isle of Wight 

this weekend so if you're lucky enough to have tickets, 

it's your chance to come down to see her perform!

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october 25, 2012 07:59pm

Win Speech Debelle Tickets!

Here's you're chance to win a pair of exclusive tickets to one of the nine Converse Represents shows at London's Legendary 100 Club!

Click Here To Win Tickets To See Speech Debelle!

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june 27, 2012 01:42pm

Speech UK Summer dates

just a reminder of where you can catch Speech live this fine British summer, seeing as it's decided to finally show its face.

Fri 1st June 2012
Hay Festival

Sat 2nd June 2012
Meadowlands Festival

Fri 22nd June 2012
Reka Club, Moscow, Russia

Sat 23rd June 2012
Movement Festival Perm, Russia

Fri 6th July 2012
NOVA Festival, Sussex

Sat 7th July 2012
The National Shake The Dust Slam Final, London

Fri 13th July 2012
DOUR Festival, Belgium

Sun 15th July 2012
Rhythms Of The World Festival, Hitchin

Fri 10th August 2012
100 Club, London

Sat 11th August 2012
Poolbar Festival, Austria

Sat 18th August 2012
Summer Sundae, Leicester

Fri 24th August 2012
TNM Festival, Poland

Sat 25th August 2012
Rock En Seine, France

Sun 26th August 2012
Greenbelt Festival - Cheltenham UK

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may 28, 2012 02:57pm